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Covenant Natural Resources (Covenant) is a diversified oil and gas company purposed to deliver industry-leading value and return to non-industry investors who do not otherwise have access to tier-one assets led by a tier-one management team. Our commitment is to administer funds that remain true to a set of principles, a sound strategy, and an investment thesis that treats our investors as our most valuable asset. With Covenant, investors will see uncommon work ethic and commitment to purpose, substantial depth and breadth of technical analysis, and higher standards for financial transparency and scrutiny. Our investment partners will have access to third-party financial audits and engineered reserves.

We concentrate investments within tier-one domestic basins under tier-one operators, optimizing portfolio exposure through the acquisition of diversified non-operated working interests. Through financial, geological, engineering, and operational analysis, we high-grade opportunities—small or large—investing under the most profitable, accretive unconventional development programs championed by our industry’s best operators. Whereas a public operating company may have an average of $7mm of its own capital invested in individual wells, we will typically diversify that same exposure across ten or more wells. 

As non-operated and royalty interest owners, we do not control timing of development, nor do we control the amount of oil and gas that is produced. We do control where we invest, who we invest under, and what we pay. We are in the business of buying right. That means proven geology, conservative engineering, some understanding of development timing and fully-integrated financial modeling that underpins an aggressive and targeted acquisition program. Most acquisitions are off-market that we privately negotiate without the competition of the public or broader market process. We deploy a multifaceted, boots-on-the-ground approach with specific programs designed to acquire from private families, deal brokers, and industry counterparts in need of liquidity.
CNR knows to generate long term relationships, one must participate in the highest return opportunities for our investors. Our primary strategy is ________________________________. 
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  • We provide visual growth potential for our investors. 

  • We provide asset information that is easy to understand  from an owner's perspective. 

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  • We guarantee reliable performance and diversification that will generate the best rate of return. 

  • We aim to stabilize production, evenly manage associated costs and drive the flow of cash.

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Maximized Return

  • Our goal is to capture the best return opportunities across the Permian Basin. 

  • Our management team has notable experience throughout the oil and gas industry to optimize vigorous deals. 


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CNR seeks to partner with operators with the best completion methods across the nation.

  • Our goal is to acquire non-op placement in high quality acreage that is going to be drilled. 

  • We partner with the top E&P operators to ensure optimal return.

  • We aim to stabilize production, deploy capital and successfully leverage cash flow. 

  • This results in growth long term and commitments for years to come.

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