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Mr. Trice provides Covenant’s senior leadership with consultative services related to capital raise strategy, fund administration, and investor relations. He serves as Managing Director of Daikon Asset Management, LLC, which is the Manager of Daikon Fund, LLC, a hedge fund of funds in the longevity space. Concurrently, Mr. Trice holds the title of Managing Director for Alternative Consulting, LLC (AC), a consultancy that he founded in 2020. AC provides various consulting services related to capital raise strategy, including development of due diligence criteria for potential investors, introducing investment opportunities to potential private capital resources, investor and prospective-investor communications, and general business advisory. 


Prior to starting AC, Mr. Trice served as Vice President of Business Development for Resolute Capital Partners, LTD (RCP), a private equity firm in the alternative investment space. While employed with RCP, Mr. Trice assisted the firm in raising tens of millions of dollars to be deployed in various projects. Additionally, Mr. Trice focused more on the institutional side of the business and worked with large producers. Before private equity, Mr. Trice worked in more retail-focused roles at a number of financial institutions, including large firms like Wells Fargo as well as mortgage institutions and boutique investment shops.

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