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Kevin has over 20 years of leadership experience working in challenging times with talented teams to achieve dynamic goals, including during the post-911 collapsed market, Great Recession of 2008, oil price collapse of 2014, and now the oil price collapse of 2020. He sees great opportunity in today’s environment to help legacy mineral families monetize their holdings, while working with industry partners to aggregate robust royalty portfolios that will deliver yield and return for years to come.

Kevin is responsible for Covenant Royalties capital, acquisition, and divestiture strategies with key focus on strategic industry relationships. He heads the Leadership Oversight Team that casts corporate vision and aligns execution with financial objectives and investment priorities. Kevin is passionate about resourcing and equipping Covenant Royalties' employees and contractors to meet their professional goals, both within the company and as emerging industry leaders. Kevin has a depth of experience in the oil and gas industry, having previously founded Stewardship Resources, a Texas E&P company. While leading Stewardship, Kevin sourced and funded acquisitions throughout Texas with operations ranging from secondary recovery water floods to drilling and developing stacked-pay prospects on the Texas Gulf Coast. Previously, Kevin amassed a breadth of experience serving in various roles to help establish and grow over 100 entrepreneurial ventures beyond oil and gas. He served as Director of Strategic Partnerships for his alma mater, Abilene Christian University. He also served in various government roles, including Executive Director of the Texas Governor’s West Texas Office for Economic Development & Tourism.

A licensed attorney, Kevin graduated magna cum laude from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts in in Political Science and minor in Public Service. He earned his J.D. from The University of Texas School of Law where he served as Chief Manuscripts Editor for the Texas Review of Law and Politics. Kevin lives in Keller with his wife and three children.

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